Scott was at his happiest visiting museums, as is shown by this selfie taken in front of a Frank Stella Painting.

Scott was at his happiest visiting museums, as is shown by this selfie taken in front of a Frank Stella Painting.

Scott David Morgan (1951-2013) 

Scott was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but often stated his life began in India in 1968 while attending the American International School in New Delhi. This set him on a life-long exploration of color, magic, and fantasy via exotic travel experiences. Scott studied architecture with Buckminster Fuller at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

After college, Scott immersed himself in design and art, working in the high end contemporary furniture industry for four decades. Traveling the globe to source factories and develop product, he always carried his portable watercolor kit with him. He was a prolific painter, maintaining a daily painting habit since the 1970s and his travels did not get in the way. He painted on flights, in hotel rooms and lobbies, and at restaurants when he was away from his home studio desk. Scott was an outsider artist without gallery representation despite numerous ties to the international art world. 

Scott’s whimsically rendered paintings carry remnants of his architecture studies, fragments of the brightly hued tribal embroideries that he passionately collected, and faces of people real or imagined. California was home for three decades before he decided to relocate to Deer Isle, Maine in 2005.

Scott returned to India upon learning he was terminally ill with cancer. He painted 200 watercolors in Goa, India from his wheelchair and bed in the final year of his life. Scott's positivity and motivation to continue to paint despite the ravages of cancer inspired a documentary short film by Ashish Prabhu Ajgaonkar and Swapnil Salkar.  Smile2TheEnd, an exhibition self-curated by the artist traveled to three hospitals in Goa a few months before Scott died.

This legacy website will eventually present Scott Morgan’s art work from all periods of his life. Exhibitions of the original artwork are planned for the future in conjunction with a memoir being written by Katy Allgeyer about their last year together in India under extraordinary circumstances. 

Art by Katy Gallery
Stonington, ME

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